AdventureLand Gallery presents A Solo Show By Charles Spurrier Opening Reception: 7:00pm – 10:00 pm Friday, November 1, 2013

Gold Monkeyps

Color and Desire
The current paintings and drawings in this AdventureLand Gallery exhibition involves a newly developed re-cognition between the two elements of color and desire. These elements are not new, yet my recent work has brought them together with new realizations of their direct inseparability. Claude Monet’s well quoted, “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment”, bears this out and is revisited and renewed in my contemporary and urban landscape. The innate striving to make sense of my surroundings is connected from my eyes to my hands to create a manifestation of thought and action. My environment is not taken for granted, but rather, the literal building blocks of my color. The elements of paint in works such as Gold Monkey and Grown Out of History are found objects both in color and graphics as with Still Time and No Memory of the Liar. Any industrially manufactured plastic from toys to disaster barricades are not only my palette, but also my graphic hand to be worked with a saw instead of a brush. The landscape is collected as color in materials, and revealed as formal abstract poetry in intuition and desire. I have not been removed from nature, I am nature. Color is absorbed. I see paint as a piece of color and color as a piece of aspiration as well as inspiration. Desire is not connected to materiality as a state of having, desire for me is created and defined by the actualization of ideas with materials, thinking and making. My color is a presentation of nature and desire, both internal and external, turning my world, neighborhood, studio, and head inside out, not as a disruption but rather a revelation. The expression of this exhibition is a give and take of an instinctual cultivation and transformation. My life and surroundings are my process and my materials, my color and my desire.

Charles Spurrier, Chicago, November 2013

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